Get tax advantages now! 28.08.2010

A view from Bregenz 25.08.2010

The Fühlometer really feels you 14.08.2010

Visitors often argued whether or not the Fühlometer really reads peoples’ faces. Some said it it must be a randomized process that changes the smiley’s face, others didn’t understand at all. Here’s the proof: All the instruments are up there in the lighthouse. The Fühlometer really feels you. Don’t worry about the security of your private data. After processing an image, the photo is deleted from the computer’s hard disk instantly.

postcards 12.08.2010

Wurfsendung 11.08.2010

Here are some images of Raul Walch’s spectacular performance “Wurfsendung (bitte freimachen falls Marke zur Hand). The mysterious wooden box was finally opened in an extraordinary act of destruction.

Video gucken

Flags 11.08.2010

Opening 07.08.2010

Last Friday night saw the official opening of PROVINZ. Some 350 guests celebrated in the halls of Lindau’s train station. THANK YOU to everyone who helped making this a very special night! Special THANK YOU to our dear sponsors Restaurant Valentin, Brauerei Meckatzer, Weingut Haug and Weingut Deufel.

False Alarm 07.08.2010

Just before the opening night of PROVINZ, innocent LOVE LOVE, Julien Berthier’s ever-sinking sailboat caused a major turmoil. Someone who wasn’t informed about the true character of LOVE LOVE called the firefighters. Along with lots of fire engines came the police with cars and boats. Finally all of them gathered around the boat to find that no one was hurt, the boat was constantly sinking (LOVE LOVE-style) and everything was ok.

Arrival at FDH 05.08.2010

Julius von Bismarck and Richard Wilhelmer arrive at Friedrichshafen Airport. So happy to be back…

A perfect team 04.08.2010

Special thanks to the smiley team. They’ve not only managed an incredible feat, but a great atmosphere as well.

Scaffolding: Wagenknecht
Metal works: Röthlingshöfer
Statics: Fecher Rundel Partner
Ironworks: Thomann
Lighting: Zumtobel und Neon Straub
Transport: Heli Austria
Elektrics: Bauch
A special thanks to the City of Lindau, firefighters Lindau, port master Lindau, police Lindau, Deutsche Bahn and Stadtwerke Lindau.

The Lindau Smiley – Legend and Truth 02.08.2010

There was a lot of speculation about how the Smiley would look like…. This rendering for example was… well not exactly accurate:

This is how the Smiley actually looks:

Special thanks goes to our supporter Uli Kaiser who captured the special moment in vibrant colors:

A major bird has landed 31.07.2010

Lindau 7.30 am. Perfect conditions and a perfect day!
All the best from Lindau! Arne, Felix and Korbinian

Work Impressions 30.07.2010

Arrival in Lindau 29.07.2010

After a long ride in a luxury VW-Van (Thanks to our sponsor Aweco!), Lilli Kuschel joins the beer picnic. Richard Wilhelmer and Julius von Bismarck relax after a hard day of steel work.

The transporter from Berlin arrives late in the evening. Boris Mrkonjic und Rasso Hilber finish their ten-hour trip. Rauls large box (the infinite large-ness of this box was explained in a prior post) fits through the door by quite exactly one inch.

Boxes chests and mysteries 22.07.2010

When Raul opened the doors to the studio we found ourselves staring at a giant wooden box. 600 kilograms and more than 2 metres high. God knows how the thing fit into the truck. You might want to know the content. We don’t know. Raul knows. Ask him, he won’t tell you.

Compared to the giant box, this little chamber of wind feels quite harmless. The Blasomat, invented by Rasso and Mikko is being hauled into the transporter by the artists and our logistics expert Arne.

In the end Raul pulls out another box – a real beauty. And again, a box with a hidden function…

Our posters have arrived 15.07.2010

Julius von Bismarck is blinded by so much beauty. Here are the new posters. You can find them all over Lindau. We produced a series of three motifs, silk screen print on reflective paper. How do you like them?

The entrance to our temporary art space. We’re still building and preparing things here, but the rooms will be opened on August 6.

(Deutsch) ZUMTOBEL Besuch 17.06.2010

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(Deutsch) Ausstellungseröffnung Klasse Eliasson 23.05.2010

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.

Thilo Frank in Lindau 23.05.2010

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(Deutsch) Lindau mit Künstlern 19.05.2010

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PROVINZ Flaggentest 12.05.2010

Auch Ost-Berlin flaggt schonmal auf PROVINZ!

Schon 300 PROVINZ-Freunde auf Facebook 29.04.2010

Wow! In nur einer Woche 300 PROVINZ-Freunde! Danke für die Unterstützung! Zur Feier des Tages geben wir Euch einen Einblick in die bajuwarische Lebensart – Der Bayern iClip

PROVINZ im Netz 21.04.2010

Liebe Freunde der PROVINZ,

unsere Webseite geht heute ins Netz! Das bedeutet, dass wir ab heute über unseren Blog, via Facebook etc. fortlaufend über den neuesten Stand der Dinge informieren werden. Die Ausstellung PROVINZ ist darauf ausgelegt, möglichst viele Menschen in Lindau und weit darüber hinaus zu erreichen und einzubeziehen. Wir freuen uns deshalb auch über jede Unterstützung im Netz: ladet Freunde und Bekannte in unsere Facebook-Gruppe ein, meldet euch bei uns per Mail oder ruft einfach an.

Auf der Webseite werden wir in den kommenden Wochen weiter die Inhalte ausbauen und im Blog werden wir euch über Planung und zukünftige Events auf dem Laufenden halten. Wir freuen uns über eure Kommentare und Rückmeldungen!

Viele Grüße,

Arne, Felix und Korbinian