The exhibition catalogue gives an overview over all the works presented in the PROVINZ-exhibition. In addition to texts and images documenting and illustrating the works of 16 artists, the book includes notes describing the concept and extraordinary organization of PROVINZ. Philipp Kleinmichel and Kolja Mensing contribute two theoretical and deepening texts.

The catalogue was published by Verlag Robert Gessler. You can buy it there or order directly via Email:

We sell the catalogue at the main exhibition space in Lindau’s main station. It is also available in the offices of the Lindau tourist information and the Lindau Town Museum.

Arne Fehmel, Korbinian Kainz, Felix Rundel (Ed.): PROVINZ – Eine Ausstellung im Sommer 2010.
Verlag Robert Gessler, Friedrichshafen 2010, 19,80 €, 96 pages
ISBN: 978-3-86136-142-8