August 6 – 28 2010 // Lindau (Bavaria), Germany

What is PROVINZ?

PROVINZ is a group exhibition taking place in the Southern German town of Lindau in August 2010. Featuring fourteen artists with an international background, the exhibition engages the arcadian island town located in the Lake of Constance, in a discourse about aspects of provinciality and periphery. Works by mostly young and emerging artists confront locals, visitors and tourists with changes in public space and thus present the town’s postcard aesthetics in new and unfamiliar contexts.

During the three weeks in August, large-scale installations and objects, light, video, painting, public readings, performances and temporary interventions can be seen all over the 2700-inhabitant island. The not-for-profit project PROVINZ is organized by a Berlin-based team consisting of Arne Fehmel, Korbinian Kainz and Felix Rundel, all of which were born and raised in peripheral areas of Germany.